The Day I Took My Ex’s Sweatshirt To Goodwill

Little known fact about me: I reserve my serious writing for Thought Catalog.

Whenever I write something serious or vulnerable (read: about love), I keep it safely inside a Google Doc folder, where it can’t see the light of day. But I usually submit it to Thought Catalog first. It’s therapeutic. It’s emotional release. It’s a diary – but better. I can share my words and deep feelings – without any consequences. Because shocker: I never get published. Thought Catalog probably gets 3,000 submissions an hour. So I can confidently submit my words without repercussion. And it does feel nice. But today – that game changed. I was published for the first time ever. And despite the content, I am damn excited. And damn proud. Nothing compares to the feeling of having my words read and appreciated. So cheers Internet! Enjoy seeing inside my soul!

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Thought Catalog

I had forgotten about your sweatshirt’s existence. I was looking for an extra set of sheets – inside a polka-dot canvas box, high on a corner shelf inside my closet. I don’t venture there often. My high school water polo parka lives there. The one that is conveniently Packers Green and Gold. I wore it to our first Packer game, and you ridiculed me for wearing “tampons” on my feet (I found out the hard way that Uggs are not waterproof…)

My suitcase lives back there. The new Michael Kors suitcase I bought for my first business trip to Europe. The last time I had been to Germany was with you. I was hundreds of miles away from that city, and yet I still found myself walking through Munich, reliving inside jokes. Like the fact that you can’t go to a karaoke bar in Germany without hearing Oasis Wonderwall.


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