The Art of Being Busy

images (3)It’s everyone’s favorite time on campus – midterms. We just passed the half way point of the semester and everyone is in panic mode. Classes have rapidly picked up speed yet everything is increasingly boring. And the ever persistent snow keeps taunting our emotions and blurring the pleasant memories of last year, when St. Patrick’s Day was filled with sunshine, short skirts, and day drinking to rival The Mifflin Street Block Party. You have 3 midterms, two papers, six meetings, three job applications to fill out, and 20 hours of work this week. And all I have to say is: so does everyone else.

It’s extremely easy this time of year to pigeon hole yourself – to feel no one on the face of the planet is anywhere near as busy or as stressed as you are. It’s easy to feel completely alone because you probably quite literally are – you haven’t seen your friends in weeks, you haven’t returned your mother’s phone call from last Tuesday, your significant other is wondering what they did wrong because only broken up couples spend this much time not talking. You’ve canceled numerous social functions because you have X,Y, and Z and you just want to remember what it is like to be fun again or have a conversation with someone that isn’t about Risk Management Insurance or the History of African American Music.

images (1)It’s like being busy and/or stressed becomes a competition. You run into friends on the street and they ask how you are and you respond with “Good, but just so busy. So so busy. I’ve got three midterms this week.” And they respond “I know, right? I’ve got three midterms and I work this week and my dad is town and I have a lab write up and I’m working on grad school apps.” And then you get mildly offended. Say what? You think you are busier than me? Try this on – “I worked 30 hours this week on top of school and my mom was in the hospital and I haven’t showered and ya know what, I don’t even have time to be standing here talking to you!!!” Take that!

Am I the only one that gets competitive about busy schedules? Why do we feel the need to prove to others that our lives are so much worse than theirs? You over hear it all the time in Grainger in passing conversation. “Oh I am so swamped. I am so stressed. I am so busy, you wouldn’t even believe it.”

I’ve come to the conclusion this week that everyone is busy. Everyone is stressed. I’ve also come to the conclusion that we do this to ourselves. We make ourselves busy because we can. Because we are capable. Because we would probably shock ourselves if we actually did everything we are capable of. And no matter how impossible and intolerable it seems, we always manage to get everything done and on time and in stellar fashion. And we should all be proud of ourselves.

We are busy because we choose to be. And ya know why? Cuz we wouldn’t have it any other way. That is how life is – we choose passions and hobbies and careers, and we give 110% of ourselves because that is just the kind of people we all are. The law of attraction is a pretty powerful thing – when I feel myself start to get competitive with my friends about who is busier or doing more, I try to remember how pointless it is because I chose these kind of friends and law of attraction says they chose me. Because they inspire me and uplift me to be better people and do more with my life. Because that is the kind of pressure I put on myself. And that is why I am so crazy busy too. Full circle stuff here.

I really want to remove the phrase “I’m super busy” from my bag of responses when people ask me how I am. I am busy because I choose to be. I am busy because that is just how life is. And it’s awesome that I have the opportunities that I do to be as busy as I am. Life should be busy. And crazy. And beautiful. And we should just all remember that everyone is just as busy as we are because that’s just who we attract – we attract people that are as driven and as motivated as us. And we should be grateful for those people.

It’s super easy to say “Oh, when this is over, I will be okay. As soon as I get passed this, I won’t be so busy.”

False. I been doin’ this life thing for 22 years now, and shit hasn’t slowed down yet. And I need to stop thinking it will. We’re always gonna be busy cuz the second we get free time we are just gonna fill it with more amazing things that make us busy all over again. Busy shouldn’t be a negative thing anymore. In addition to removing “I’m busy” from my vocabulary, I think I will start responding to that phrase with “THAT’S AWESOME” when people tell me how busy they are. Seriously, good for you. You should be busy. Because it means you are doing life-changing things and it is inspiring and you should keep it up. I’m happy for you that you are so busy. Because I bet it means some super happy high points and some uplifting moments of gratitude and peace and contentment at some points. And you deserve those.

Time to get off my high horse, eh? I am too busy to be writing this blog post anyway.

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