What is CYC?

Trying new work outs and going to new studios or gyms can be really scary and intimidating. You don’t really know what to expect. You’re not sure about parking or the types of people that will be there. You worry about people judging you on how you look, what your work out gear is like, and how coordinated or knowledgeable you are about what you are doing. When it comes to working out, I think we can all agree we have a comfort zone or place. And there’s about 195 excuses we can usually come up with to not try new things for fear our ego will be placed in a meat grinder if we “fail.”

Luckily, I’m getting better at combating this fear. Thanks to my job, I get the chance to go to a lot of different gyms and studios and try a lot of different types of work outs. Everyone who knows me (or has even read this blog once), knows what a yoga addict I am. I really don’t care for any other types of work outs and am a firm believer that hot yoga is the solution to all problems – anxiety, stress, muffin top, or even bad breath. But recently my team and I were invited to try out the new studio CYC in downtown Madison. The enormous sign above the grocery store on campus is really hard to miss – with its floor to ceiling windows and neon lights.  I honestly thought Madison was getting it’s first night club when I saw it.

And honestly? Night club isn’t far off from what the atmosphere at CYC is. Except better.

Cyc has definitely globbed on as an ideal work out for sorority sisters and party girls alike. Why? Cuz it makes working out feel like being at an upper East Side Frat Formal. The kind of party Serena and Blaire would go to except it would be sweatier and grimier in a good way. More realistic. Less pretentious. All the lights are off except for some strobe lights. The music is deafening and has an infectious techno beat. And there are a lot of butts bouncing. And it’s awesome.

I’ve done spinning classes before and was pretty pumped to try the class with my team the first time. All the classes are only 45 minutes and anyone can do anything for 45 minutes right? And then the music started.


And there you are on this bike peddling as fast as you can trying to stick to the beat of Sandstorm and your butt isn’t anywhere near the seat. And you’re thinking its a warm up and you’ll eventually sit down but you kind of never do. And then you’re instructed to turn the resistance knob up about 5 turns thinking there’s no way you could crank that baby any farther up. Until you’re instructed to crank it up 4 more turns from there. And you never stop peddling and you still aren’t sitting down and then Limp Bizkit comes on and suddenly you are punching the air as hard as you can with sand bags, all while still simultaneously peddling to the beat, which you swear is getting faster.

And then you have this flashback to your last yoga class where the music was in Sanskrit and translated  to “Let all beings be happy and free” and you were pleasantly breathing in a pose called “Happy Baby.”


janet-fitzgerald-soul-survival-soul-cycle-spinning-classAnd then you’re smacked back to reality as your “Cycolgist” bangs on a drum and screams “HIT IT HARDER!!!!! PUSH PUSH PUSH!” And you’re inner monologue is something like “KILL THE AIR YOU PUSSY DON”T STOP!!!!!” And you’ve transformed into this beast-mode-boxing-Metallica-listening-fierce-scary-goddess and you’re literally moving every part of your body in a way you didn’t think possible. Like swimming while biking. You are are swiking. Or bimming. And you are kind of blowing your own mind you can’t stop and you pedal harder and faster and keep turning the resistance up and screaming along with everyone in the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My alter ego coming through at Cyc.

How I feel while at Cyc.

What I probably actually look like…

And then Jack Johnson Banana Pancakes comes on.

And you think “I don’t know what the hell just happened to me. But I think I’ll go again tomorrow.”

And that is how I became addicted to CYC. So much, that I’ve recently been accepted into their training program to become a Cycologist. And I am way cyc’d. It is honestly a fun work out, and people know that when I get obsessed with something, I REALLY get obsessed with it.

If you are thinking of trying out CYC all I have to say is “Don’t think, just go.” And call me. I will go with you anytime. Rumor has it you burn up to 800 calories a class which is more than any hot yoga I’ve ever been to. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never give up the hot yoga, but new passions and new hobbies are exciting and I am super grateful to “ride” this new stage of my life out.

I’m finally beginning to understand why my dad is so obsessed with cycling (although this class can hardly be compared to outdoor riding). But being on a bike just really hammers in some of life’s most cliche sayings like “It ain’t about how fast I get there. It ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb.” Now I just need to find the dub-step remix of that song…




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  1. Ken Faulkner says:

    I Love This


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