Flat Melissa goes to lululemon

There once was a girl whose name was Flat Melissa.
She was tiny and flat, and if you don’t look closely you just might miss her.
She went on a journey with her trusted team,
To work in the lululemon Milwaukee store – her biggest dream.
It was a tough ride for one so small.
But her friends kept her close, so they wouldn’t lose her at all.

She traveled to back rooms and looked at pretty yoga bags.
She absorbed so much knowledge about things like size runs and B.H.A.G.S.

She made lots of friends, that is for sure.
And they will all be together to tackle a new up and coming adventure!

Come see Flat Melissa and team take on the new Hilldale store.
We open November Second and the party is November Fourth.
Flat Melissa votes for yoga cuz that’s all she can do.
Because Flat Melissa is permanently stuck in Warrior Two.

So come show us why you vote for yoga – the party is on.
Just three days to go until we open the new lululemon!!!!!

FYI: real Melissa will be in attendance too. and she would love to see you there.


About Melissa Faulkner

1. If I blog, someone will eventually discover me. 2. If someone eventually discovers me, I will become rich and famous. 3. If I blog, I will become rich and famous. Follow me for shorter, daily doses! @melisslyss
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