Ich bin ein Berliner!

This is where Angela Merkel hangs out. When she isn’t saving the Euro.

After a wonderful stay in Hamburg, Darryl, Robert and I hopped an early train to Berlin, backpacks full and stomachs empty. We started the day with some delicious German pastries and set off on the high speed train, where Darryl continued to look out the window the entire time for deer. For fear of messing up the historical facts and not conveying just how awesome and unique Berlin is…I have decided to turn this into a childhood story book post. Lots of pictures, few words. I’ll leave it at this: Berlin is unlike any other city I have ever seen and it was super awesome to have a tour guide like Robert to educate us about the city and its history. I think its safe to say I was fairly clueless. So thank you Robert!

Sweet head sets, I know

The Reichstag building. Which has to hold the record for “Most times set on fire”

Berlin TV Tower

The Dome

Checkpoint Charlie

Itty Bitty Weezy and I in raincoats at the Brandenburg Gate

The Berlin Wall

A very German ending to a very German day.

Stay tuned for Part 4: Back in Copenhagen


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