Part 2: Weezy and Melissa in Hamburg!

I’m gonna go ahead and blame the Donor Kebabs for the coma that Darryl and I went into after our night in St. Pauli. I am sure the beer and the 3:30 AM departure had nothing to do with it… The point is, we were awake by 12 and that was still plenty of time for breakfast. God, I love the way Europe works. 

Robert and Andrea took us to a lovely cafe just a block from where they live, where we ordered a standard European breakfast platter, complete with five types of sliced meats, three types of cheese, heavenly yogurt layered with fruit, soft boiled eggs, baguettes, croissants, and orange marmalade. I want to go back. Now. What was most enjoyable for me was learning about Andrea’s job as a consultant in the retail/fashion industry. She has lived all over the world and worked with some amazing fashion brands. Basically I want her life.

After breakfast (ok…well…lunch) we hopped the subway to the main part of the city. While discussing our day plans, Robert struggled to convert his natural German to English and described the struggle as his “frictional language cluster.” Apparently this is an area in Robert’s brain where neither German nor English exist. The two languages just get lost there and all reasonable communication goes to shit. The phrase “frictional language cluster” describes so perfectly what i love about the German language/culture. Everything is so literal and makes sense. Take the word pencil for example: Bleistift in German. Literally translated as a “lead stick.” But in Enlglish? Noooo, we call it a Pencil. WHAT THE HELL IS A PENCIL?????? No sense. None. At all. I was reminded of this German efficiency and their ability to make rules and follow them throughout the trip.

After strolling around the city center (and finding a place to buy spices for 130 Euros a kilo…just in case you needed a kilo of salt…), we walked by the City Hall and gawked for a few minutes before the rain kicked in. We sought cover in a tiny Parisian cafe, that was closing early to honor Bastille day and enjoyed some lovely cups of coffee, which is all I really ever desire to do in Europe. Sit in cafes and drink espresso. Once the rain let up, we made our way to the Michaeliskirche for some amazing views of the city. It only took us 24 flights of stairs to get there, but hey, good things come to those who climb stairs.

After the church, we wandered down to the harbor where we were able to see the port city at its finest. We took a ferry boat down to a beach area that overlooked the main part of the port and enjoyed a few beers while keeping our feet in the sand. Beauty comes in many forms, and even though this beach was no Maui, it was stunning. And watching the massive carrier ships move in and 0ut of the harbor was pretty incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

We finished the night at a hip burger joint in the Shanze area, but I chose to go off course and order the Schnitzel (my most favorite German dish in all the world). Schnitzel brings me back to my childhood, but this did not come with apple sauce, and naturally I was a little disappointed. But it was still delicious. Maybe my idea of German food isnt so German after all. Dang it. #AmericanFoodProblems

Back at Robert’s and Andrea’s, we ordered our high speed train tickets to Berlin and called it an early night. Next post: Ich bin ein Berliner!

PS: Never try to make a gigantic purchase via credit card via internet from a foreign website. The bank will shut down your card immediately. Despite all the times you told them you would be in Germany. 


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