The Best. Day. Ever.

Last Wednesday was destined to be the longest day of my life. I had under 24 hours to go until Darryl arrived in Copenhagen and I was already losing sleep over excitement and adrenaline. So I was sure to make non-stop plans for the day to stay busy. The day was supposed to start with an early visit to Christiania, but due to a rather spur-of-the-moment bar crawl that ended at a club with cages…well…I woke up later than expected. Covered in bruises I did not expect either.

After Ali was done in class (what is class…?), the girls (me, Morgan, Ali, and Thora) headed to the open air market in Nørrebro to literally eat our way through the market – which is thee most beautiful place I have ever been. The dozens of vendors were handing out free samples and being frequent Costco and Sam’s  Club go-ers, we know how to do free samples. At one point Ali exclaimed “This is AWESOME. SO MUCH FREE FOOD.” Conviently a cute Danish girl handing out chocolates heard us and turned around and said “Would you like some more free food?”


The orange chocolate almonds we sampled blew my mind. And I vowed to return for a personal bucket after we finished our “real” lunch. Morgan and I chose the fish vendor, because they were having a deal of a Fish Taco. Which isn’t a fish taco at all. It is a MASSIVE FISH BURRITO FILLED WITH LOVE AND JOY AND CRACK. I am salivating just thinking about it now…

Next stop on the eating train was for an espresso, followed by chocolate bread, more free samples, and ice cream.


When I went to go retrieve my bucket of heavenly chocolate almonds, I was greeted with disappointing news that they did not bag the flavor that I fell in love with. They had a tiny sampler pack that had a few, but not nearly enough (nor cheap enough) to satisfy me.

The cutie behind the counter sensed my sorrow and said

“Tell ya what, I’ll take care of this for you.” She then preceeed to open the sampler packs and personally prepare an entire large bag of the orange chocolate almonds just for me. When she handed me the bag, I asked her how much I owed and she just nodded her head and said “Don’t worry about it.” Upon opening the bag, I found the sweetest hand written note. Basically my entire Copenhagen trip was worth it for that moment. I wanted to hug her, buy her dinner, and take her home. I realize I am in direct violation of her request via note. Soon the whole world (well…my world at least) will know about the sweetest girl in all of Copenhagen and how she made a tourist’s entire trip.

After sitting out in the sun for what seemed like hours (oh yeah, because it was HOURS), we decided to go to a brewery/bar that Ali couldn’t stop freaking out over – the Mikkeller Brewery. Apparently this place is rather famous, and it kinda ergs me that Ali is still under age and knows more about world-famous beers than I ever will…but at least she is on my team. If I had a nickle for every time I told Ali to C her B on the way to that bar…

Many hours of laughter later (and not so many beers, because you only need four when the alcohol percentage is between 10 and 18%), we wanted to document our awesome time at Mikkeller with a picture with the bar tender. But really Ali just wanted him to call her…maybe.

Upon requesting a photo, the bartender looked at us and said, “Um…I kind of have a lot of customers…but if you go collect empty glasses…I’ll squeeze in a photo.” Putting American girls to work at  Danish brew house all for a photo. We are all 21 going on 11. We then spent a lovely hour strolling around Copenhagen and the Tivoli border, and then called it an early night (1:30 AM). I walked home that day grinning from ear to ear, after an AMAZING day in Denmark, and anticipating many more amazing days. I slept for maybe three hours total and then rushed to the airport to meet Darryl. Many more blog posts and pictures to come…!!!!!! Honestly, every day in Copenhagen is the Best. Day. Ever.


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