Over the weekend, the American crew and I decided it was time to check out Tivoli – a Danish landmark for all tourists and/or Danes with tiny children. I had heard of Tivoli before but I don’t think I really grasped what it was. I thought it was the Danish version of Central Park. Wrongo. Tivoli is a glorified amusement park that costs about triple the amount of any US theme park I have ever been to.

But hey, when in Rome. Or should I say…when in Denmark.

We had all been out pretty late the night before and some of us (cough cough Matt cough cough) didn’t even make it home til that morning. But we arranged to meet at 2 outside Tivoli. 30 minutes later…I was still the only one at the park. Matt soon showed up with a pizza, which we ate on the steps and then decided we were going to go in without the others.

Entrance to Tivoli was close to $30. And that didn’t include any food, games, or rides. About 90% of the reason I even dragged my tired butt to Tivoli was because I knew there was a China Town inside. And I wanted nothing more than a whopping plate of fried rice. So Matt and I scurried to China Town…where they were serving Fish and Chips and Belgium Waffles.

Sweet Tivoli. Sweet.

We had to at least try a game, so Matt and I sat down at some horse racing game, where you basically played Ski-ball to get the horses to move. Because we were the only two playing, one of us was bound to win. Apparently my days of arcade-ing havent served me well. Because I lost miserably. Matt was awarded an awesome red chip. But we soon figured out we could trade in the awesome red chip for an awesome Happy Birthday Champagne flute. I really don’t care that Matt technically won it. It is coming home with me. Sorry I am not sorry.

Finally the rest of the crew showed up, looking particurarly beautiful (which explains the late arrival…) and we bought tickets for one ride. And only one ride. Because the rides cost about $12 a piece….

We picked this sky scraper swing ride because we were sure to get some awesome views of the city. Matt then got told off by a tiny Danish girl in front of us, who probably wasn’t even tall enough to ride the swings. Women are known to be a little more dominating than men in Danish culture, and apparently that begins at a young age. This girl was sassy. 

Sadly we couldn’t take our cameras up. But let me tell you – the $50 i spent that day was well worth every second of this ride. B-E-A-utiful. Copenhagen in the summer time is breath taking.

All in all, it was a short lived but lovely day in Tivoli. We all needed to get home to change for our Viking Pub crawl. We had priorities, okay?

I will not be writing anything related to the Viking Pub crawl. I am diverting all questions, comments, and concerns to Ali, Caitlin, and Morgan. Whom I probably owe a dinner to. Or perhaps a nice key chain.


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