The last few days have been nothing short of me being a lost in Copenhagen. But hey, at least I got some cool pics along the way?

First Lost stop: the Glypotek. The Glypotek is a small museum right outside of Tivoli that holds an impressive amount of Rodin sculptures, that frankly feel very out of place in relation to the rest of the museum. But the area that I really got lost in was the Mediterranean art section. Anyone that knows me knows that I have a serious obsession with Egypt. This museum had a section FULL of mummies and Egyptian artifacts. Apparently no one else goes crazy for this kind of stuff, cuz I was the only one in that section. I was easily there for an hour. It was also the only section not guarded by museum staff. I should have taken a sarcophagus…

My favorite painting by far was this beautiful piece called “Two Old People Keeping Sunday.” My camera phone really doesn’t do it justice, so I’ve chosen to not even include it. I’d rather let your mind imagine it. But there was something very serene and peaceful about it. And the name? Doesn’t get much better than that. All I dream of (okay, I dream of maybe a bit more…) is some day being an old person, with my other old person activity partner,  and no matter what craziness takes place over sixty years together, we will always keep Sunday for ourselves. The Danes certainly know how to “keep Sunday” here, and perhaps that is why they are the happiest people in the world.

Luckily, I didn’t have to be lost AND alone all day. Ali and I met up for lunch at Nyhavn, and scored some AWESOME seats right on the river. We practically ate in the street. We made friends with some old Danish men, that were still trying to be 25. I am pretty sure that gold hoop earrings aren’t fashionable on 40 year old men in any part of the world…but they were fun to share a meal with. They answered a lot of our questions like “Why do all the Danes wear sailor hats? Is that trendy? Do i need to get one?” Turns out they aren’t sailor hats…they are for newly graduated high schoolers. We won’t be picking those up any time soon…

I went traditional and ordered three open faced traditional Danish sandwiches. Roast beef and pickles, fried fish, and shrimp with eggs. A real shmorgesborg. Along with loving Egypt, I LOVE shmorgesborgs. And spelling that is about twice as complicated as eating it. I have the eating part down.

Speaking of eating, I tried Danish McDonalds. And all I have to say is: they don’t know what Ranch is here…………..

My next Lost stop was unfortunately the airport. I decided to go for a run yesterday – just a quick jog before my afternoon class. The weather was gorgeous and I am still having a little bit of trouble navigating on foot. Post run, I have decided I am still having a lot of trouble navigating on foot. My 30 minute jog turned into a three hour tour (a three hour tour! sing it with me now!). I decided I had most definitely gone too far when I was practically on a jet runway. But the good news is, I found the beach. And all the happy Danish couples making out on the beach. I have found that Danish men are EXTREMELY affectionate in public. And I kind of hate to love it. And love to hate it. Beach days are clearly just excuses for couples to go lay cuddled in a blanket in the sand with a bottle of wine. I, however, was drawn to the mini golf. Any takers?

And my third Lost stop: Karl Van Mader. One of the ritziest night clubs in all of Copenhagen. As part of the fun package (yes, I bought a fun package), all the summer students got free admission last night. Then drinks were 3 for 1. So you can definitely say we all go lost very quickly…

The night was ridiculously fun, considering that the clubs play all American music. I’ve never seen a group of USA-ers go so hard to “P.I.M.P.” All the rap throwbacks they played were nothing short of amazing. Most of the pictures are too horrific to even post. Good thing the bouncers put a stop to our flash photography sooner rather than later….

I’m loving the crew. And I am loving Denmark.


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