24 Hours in Copenhagen

Two Benedryl wasn’t quite enough. But three Benedryl certainly was. On the label it says “may cause excitement in children.” Apparently I am a child because pure excitement kept me up for most of my nine hour plane flight. But third time is a charm. After 19 hours of traveling, I arrived in Copenhagen at 8:30 AM. I immediately picked up the necessities – an unlimited metro/subway/train/bus pass, a Sim card with a Danish phone number, an exchange for 500 Kroner (whatever the hell that is equal to) and a large coffee.

I had to wait four hours for my dorm to be open and ready. I exchanged Danish phone numbers with roughly 20 people – some from Austria, Korea, Germany, Boston, Chicago, and Singapore. It was about this time that the rain started to downpour. The kind of Wisconsin rain that shakes the earth for a good four minutes and scares the living daylights out of you. Except this rain lasted all day. It took me all about eight minutes to realize that the rain was going to ruin my mood if I let it. So I didn’t bother to unpack when I arrived at my dorm.Image I immediately changed into tights and jean shorts (the essential trendy Copenhagen uniform. Did anyone else rock this style in kindergarten? So pleased that I can once again embrace this look) and took off on the metro to meet up with a girl whom I have exchanged four Facebook messages with.

Every part of my body was soaked from head to toe. And all I had was a text from a foreign number that said “Look for the yellow building on the left side of the Metro station.” Do you have any idea how many yellow buildings there are in Copenhagen? About nine every block. Due to lack of a data plan, my GPS on my phone was useless. And the physical map I had became soggy oatmeal in about 20 seconds in the rain. I made six U-Turns. Image45 minutes later I ran into Caitlin. Where we continued conversation like we had known each other for 19 years. We bought toilet paper together.





And then shared our first meal in Copenhagen. Don’t ask me what it was. I have no idea.Image

I decided the soggy rat look wasn’t doing me any justice in Trendy Copenhagen. I took the Metro back to shower, impressed with my ability teasily navigate the Metro on just my third try. By this time, the rain had let up and my mood was soaring.




When I arrived back at my dorm, Community Dinner had just begun. My dorm isn’t really divided into floors or sections. It is divided by the Kitchen you are assigned to. My studious Danish collegues had prepared roasted tomatoes, sundried tomato pork roast, tomato and mozzarella cheese salad, and naturally – boxed white wine. How did they know tomatoes were my favorite food?

Then we ran out of beer. So we trekked to the local Netto store, just 600 feet away, where they sell groceries and alcohol til midnight. I purchased cider beers and instant coffee, as I was told that 4 AM would be an early bed time. It’s amazing what a difference instant coffee can make after you’ve been awake for 30 hours straight. After all, you only get one chance to make first impressions, and I didn’t want to disappoint.

Then Catherine told me I had nice legs. We are basically best friends now.Image











Did I mention there is a swing in my kitchen?

The sixth floor was hosting a party. So that’s where we went. From the penthouse apartment, I watched the sun rise at 2 AM. Yes, the sun rises here at 2 AM. And yes, I did bring my night mask.

Only 24 hours into Copenhagen.


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