“Yoga makes me feel like I could live forever.”

I read a really beautiful quote the other day that did a nice job summing up how I feel about yoga. “Yoga makes me feel like I could live forever.” I don’t care how crazy that is – but that is the exact feeling I get when I practice  yoga. And its the feeling I get when I am not practicing. Yoga does more for me off the mat than on the mat. And now yoga is helping me achieve my career objectives.

There are rare occasions in college that you find yourself doing the EXACT thing that you wanted to come to college for. This was one of those moments. Making this video for Inner Fire Yoga for a class was confirmation that I am, in fact, chasing (and maybe even catching?) my dreams. Tuition dollars well spent. Below you can watch the video that my team and I created as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

I could create marketing campaigns like this one every day for the rest of my life and be one happy camper. I could also do yoga for the rest of my life and be just as happy. So I have decided to merge my two passions beginning this fall. I will be participating in IFY’s 200 Hour Teacher Training program to get my certification to teach. As if I didn’t talk about yoga enough already. I will soon be certified to do so. Sorry I am not sorry.

My roommate Jenn recently wrote a paper about her experience with yoga and I’d like to share an excerpt: “I could feel the effects on my body immediately. By the end of each class, I felt that I could reach deeper in my downward dog than I could at the beginning. Also, for the whole first week, I was always sore the next morning after yoga. But strangely enough, if I was sore when I began the class, the pain seemed to disappear by the end of the class […] it was almost as though yoga was healing my muscles.”

I find myself talking to everyone I know about yoga. I can’t figure out if that is the natural marketer in me or the inner-yogi coming out. So many passions, so little time. Everyone should have my problems, right?

Thanks Inner Fire Yoga. For feeding two of my addictions.




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