An Ode To Craigslist.

Look who’s back from the blogger-sphere hiatus? It’s been an exceptionally long time since I have written a post. Apparently my brother has been anxiously awaiting my next literary work, so in an effort to appease him, it’s time to write a post that I have been meaning to for quite some time.

Sorry bro, I don’t think this was the subject matter you had in mind. But you’re gonna have to deal.

Two years ago I found myself in housing dilemma commonly referred to as “laziness” and “commitment phobia.” It was the last week of July and I had not arranged a fall living situation . I was due to move out of my apartment in 20 days and had nowhere to go. For those of you unfamiliar with Madison’s housing situation, it is HIGHLY uncommon to wait this long to sign leases. In fact, the best places on campus are usually rented out in October or November for the FOLLOWING fall. You have to decide almost an entire year in advance where you want to live and who you want to live with. You can thank Madison Property Management for this psycho and disgusting system.

Ya know how a Best of Madison list is released every year? Well, I really think there should be a Worst of Madison list released as well. And right smack at the top would be Madison Property Management. They are the company that wrongfully towed my car out of my underground garage that I paid $165 a month for ON MY 21ST BIRTHDAY. If only I had been blogging at the time of this incident…that woulda been a post for the ages. If you’re curious for more details, ask me to tell the story in person. I’ve been told that steam literally comes out of my nostrils.

However, this post is not titled Ode To Madison Property Management (NOR WILL I EVER WRITE THAT SICK SICK SICK POST). This is an Ode To Craigslist. Which you could say is inspired by my disgust with MPM. If I hadn’t of been so peeved about the system and desperately trying to “stick it to the man” I would have never waited so long to find housing. And would have never been Craigslist hunting 20 days before my lease expired.

But as in all my stories that start off with undetermined futures, they always have a happy ending (something I am starting to become extremely aware of  – and grateful for). I found an ad looking for a fourth roommate. It was in my current building so move-in day would be fairly painless, which was my main motivation in emailing this particular ad. Unfortunately, two of the girls that would be my future roommates were away for the summer and I wouldn’t be able to meet them prior to move-in. Which is a heavy risk to take – but those girls didn’t wanna be stuck with a $650 gap in their monthly rent, so they gave me a shot via email. A couple days later I received a message from a Jenn Sturm that went something like this:

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind, but I want to ask you some questions. We have had some rough living situations in the past and I want to be sure you are a good fit. Where were you born? Have you recently been tested for HIV? Do you have a boyfriend? Has he recently been tested for HIV? Do you have a copy of your credit report on hand? Or perhaps a current passport? Have you ever done drugs? Do you plan on doing any drugs? Does your boyfriend plan on doing any drugs? In fact, I better just obtain your social security card while I am at it. Where does your family live? What is your previous health history? Do you shower regularly? Will you be showering regularly with your boyfriend in our apartment? Do you clean dishes? Oh, and…what is your name again?”

Note: some of the above may be a representation of how I perceived the email and not entirely factual. The point is – THIS GIRL WAS THOROUGH.

The next day I received an email from the second girl: Janelle. Her email read like this:

“I hear you’re gonna be living with us. Cool. If you’re ever in the Dells this summer, you can come say hi. I work up here. See ya.”

And thus, friendships were born.

I moved into 610 Grand Central 15 days later. And I have never had a stronger confirmation of the phrase “Everything Happens for a Reason.”

If it wasn’t for Craigslist, I would have never met those two crazy and perfect girls, and they would have never led me to three other crazy and perfect girls. And we would have never lived in 1125 Bowen Court. And we would have never gone out to celebrate three of their birthdays last Saturday and then sat around at 5 AM and pierced our neighbor’s ears and precede to scream all night about the time “Jake got Iced.”

The point is: without Craigslist I wouldn’t be happy. And I wouldn’t ever have fun.

This is a direct contradiction to my previous statement about happy endings, because we all know I would have had a happy ending somehow, some way. I am just unbelievably, heart-wrenchingly grateful that it ended this way.

Thanks for the best friends Craigslist.


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