life should be a song

From the time I was a little girl, my life has just been one big song. My parents love to talk about the days I would walk around the house singing about my plans for the day. “I ammm going UPPP the stairs to BRUSH my teeeeth! and thennn I will play with my Barbiesssss yeah yeah yeah ohh yeah hiiii barbies! Up I go to the play room!” If only my schedule was this easy to sing still.

I still love to talk about my daily plans out loud. Verbal lists if you will. It is not uncommon for my roommates to come home and hear me talking to myself. “Ok, first I have to remember to bring that binder to Stats and then during my two hour break I will look at my accounting homework and then I will probably go to Grainger Cafe but I think I will eat vegetarian tomorrow and then I have to stop at the bank but it has to be after yoga…” You get the idea.

I’ve recently been fortunate enough to find myself “back in the sing of things.” A good friend revealed his acoustic guitar talents to me, and I haven’t really left him alone since. The gift of song and music has always been something very private and personal to me. Its something that I frankly don’t enjoy telling people about. “Singer” isnt a word I would use to describe myself. For being as extroverted as I am, singing in crowds was just never my thing.

I honestly think it dates back to the days on the school bus. I never recall how it came up in conversation, but somehow kids would talk about whether they liked singing or not. And the second you admitted to liking singing, the harassment started. “OH MY GOD SING FOR US! SING SOMETHING! WAIT SING SOMETHING! RIGHT NOW!” and then one brave soul would decide to give it a go and everyone would laugh. Did anyone else have these experiences on the bus or did I just attend an extremely vicious elementary school?

The point is. That I love singing. And I wish I had never tried to convince myself otherwise. And I regret trying to suppress “my song” (literally, metaphorically…). But that is all coming to an end now.

Thank you, Kris Roug, for reminding me how happy singing makes me. Thank you for giving me a vehicle to drive this passion straight to YouTube fame or straight into the ground. I really could care less where this takes me, I just know it makes me smile.

I hope it makes you smile too.


Life really should be just one big song.


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1. If I blog, someone will eventually discover me. 2. If someone eventually discovers me, I will become rich and famous. 3. If I blog, I will become rich and famous. Follow me for shorter, daily doses! @melisslyss
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One Response to life should be a song

  1. Ken says:

    I am a fan! You should try out for The Voice, and let me know when this hits Murfie.

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