DJ Melissa – Music for Yogis

I started practicing hot yoga about three years ago. Despite wanting to murder the person that convinced me to try it the first time, I have actually grown to love yoga be COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH YOGA. I think about it every day. I dream about it. I planned my class schedule for next semester based on when I could take yoga classes. It would really be beneficial to my studies and probably my Murfie Ingestor job if I would stop planning my life around the studio’s schedule and just practiced on my own. But the main reason I hate practicing on my own? No good music.
Have you ever been knee deep in a fiery Warrior 1 pose (pun intended) when some sweet- sounding Sanskrit song comes on over the speakers and your bobbin’ your head, and feeling good and motivated, and you just wanna scream “YA I LOVE THIS!!!!!”
Maybe you haven’t had that experience. And maybe you just aren’t listening to the right music.

I never know what these awesome songs are. And try asking a yoga teacher to tell you what that one song was…”ya know that one you played while we were in downward dog… like…the 18th downward dog we did…and it kind of sounded like ummmhummmmrummmdummmmsooooooAH. And then there was this part that went hiiiiiiiiiinooooooooooo. Ya know…?” Impossible.

I’ve thought about bringing my Droid in the room and just Shazam-ing every song…but I fear the humidity and sweat would cause my phone to burst into an actual fire, and yoga is really more about the inner fire. Lucky for me (and you now), I have compiled a list of the 14 best songs to practice yoga to. I was able to poll some instructors at the local Madison studio that I practice at. So you could say these songs have been given official seals of approval by yogi professionals. So crank up your thermostat, pump up these jams, and get ready to work your asanas off!

Guru Singh – I Am

MC Yogi – Ganesh is Fresh Omstrumental

Snatam Kaur – By Thy Grace

Krishna Das – Mountain Hare Krishna

Sukhwinder Singh & Sapana Awasthim – Chaiyya Chaiyya

The XX – Intro

Trace Bundy – Bristlecone

Phoneix – Love Like A Sunset Part II

Sasha Lazard – Angeli

Snow Patrol – You Could Be Happy

Wah! – Bhakti Da

Bon Iver – re: Stacks

Alexi Murdoch – Breathe

Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love

PS: this blog post was originally written for Murfie’s blog. Check out other posts written by Murfie staff. Also, all these songs can be found on albums for sale on Murfie. Buy your music on Murfie!


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